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2024 March Promotion Incentive Meeting

2024 March Promotion Incentive Meeting

Feb 29, 2024

At the end of February, our company held an incentive meeting to motivate employees to achieve better performance in March's promotional activities and CIFF exhibitions.


At the meeting, incentive plans were introduced, including achievement of goals, sales performance rewards, and other incentive measures to encourage employees to actively participate in promotional activities. In March, we will collaborate and compete in groups for goals and rewards, but always prioritize providing the best products and services to customers.



In preparation for March, we have completed the preparation and new product samples for the exhibition. We will also rearrange the exhibition hall to look forward to customers coming to learn about our products and production. Moreover, there will be unmissable promotional activities in March, which be believed both salespeople and customers will seize the right time.


March is the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere, with temperatures gradually warming up and outdoor activities increasing. Therefore, buyers are suitable to purchase outdoor furniture at this time in preparation for an increase in demand for outdoor products in spring and summer. This is one of our annual opportunities as a major supplier of outdoor furniture. Buyers purchase outdoor furniture in March and have enough time to arrange logistics such as transportation and sea freight to ensure that the goods arrive and are adequately stocked before the start of the warm season. Therefore, we launched the promotional activities in March to attract more customer to cooperate with us. 


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