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2024 Beacon Peace Annual Event

2024 Beacon Peace Annual Event

Jan 05, 2024

Our company annual event was successfully held amidst laughter and laughter, which not only marked the perfect end of 2023, but also marked the beginning of the new year of 2024.

The annual event started with a summary meeting, which not only reviewed the efforts and results of the past year, but also looked forward to the future development blueprint. One of the highlights of the summary meeting is the presentation and sharing of each department. Colleagues from different departments presented the results of their work over the past year. This not only allows participants to understand the company's development in various fields, but also promotes communication and cooperation between different departments. In addition, the summary meeting also set up an awards and recognition session to commend employees and teams that have performed outstandingly in the past year.

The annual event also set up a series of activities. Through team games, group performances and dinner exchanges, employees established closer connections and enhanced collective cohesion.

In addition, this event was held at the hot spring villa. The company deliberately chose this location to host the event, with the intention of giving everyone a relaxing holiday, looking forward to an unforgettable experience full of laughter, friendship and team building.


With the successful conclusion of the annual meeting, the company will continue to work hard to prepare for future development. All employees will meet future challenges with full energy and motivation, and jointly build a more prosperous and successful tomorrow!


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